Electric toothbrush is one of the best means to clean your gums and teeth. So in order to ensure that your gums and teeth will maintain its healthy state, you should have the best electric toothbrush. Nevertheless, with many models and brands of electric toothbrush out there, you might find your self having troubles on which one is the most effective. These are some of the expert’s guide that will help you get the best electric toothbrush which will keep your mouth healthy.

Best Electric ToothbrushTalk with Your Dentist

To end up getting the right electric toothbrush for you, you need to do this step. The level of sensitivity of ones teeth and gums comes differently from every person. Its but normal that you just want the best to care for your teeth and gums. Therefore, to make certain that you will be acquiring the best electric toothbrush for the benefit of your gum and teeth, I propose to ask advice from your dentist.

Electric Toothbrush Types

There are lots of available electric toothbrush in the market today and each of them comes with its own features. I listed below some types of electric toothbrush as well as their functions to assist you acquire the best electric toothbrush that suits you.

• Rotating- This is the most affordable brush there is the truth that it is common. This brush has set of bristles which rotates.

• Rotating-oscillating- This electric toothbrush has small, round head and is also one of the most popular kind of electric brush. The head of the brush oscillates and rotates in one direction on each tooth to make sure that plaques will be removed.

• Pulsing- This electric toothbrush comes with a pulsing move towards front and back of the teeth while spinning to be able to get rid of plaque efficiently.

• Counter-oscillating- It also has a head that oscillates similar to the oscillating brush. But the tufts of the bristles rotates in opposite way stantenously. Each tuft rotates in opposite directions next to it.

• Dual head- This brush has two heads. While one head is rotating, the other one sweeps sideways.

• Side to side- It’s not the typical rotating brush. The motion of this brush moves at a high-speed sideways resulting in a vibration in your teeth.

• Sonic and ultrasonic- This electric brush helps you to eliminate plaque through a high-speed vibration at certain frequencies. It also comes at high price compared to rotating brush. ( more detailed information you can find on “Najlepsza szczoteczka elektryczna do zębów”

Life of battery and brush head

When having your own best electric toothbrush, you also have to consider its battery life and also the replacing of brush head. I bet you don’t want an electric toothbrush that needs a frequent charging. So before purchasing the best electric toothbrush, see if the battery will last long. Not only that, you must also know that you have to change the brush head if you notice that the bristles are worn-out. Pick an electric toothbrush with strong bristles of brush head to avoid expending too much.

I highly recommend that you follow these pointers in finding the most effective electric toothbrush. Before you make any decision, the ideal thing to do would be to ask for your dentist’s suggestion to get the best electric toothbrush for you.

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